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Aktando is a Hip Hop / Jazz / Latin band formed in 2016 by composer & arranger Jérôme Gloppe.

Originally being Jérôme Gloppe creation, Aktando has gradually gained attention worldwide from the vast amount of live shows they perform and have won over many listeners with their unique blend of English, Spanish and acoustic/electronic elements.

Their modern sound is created through the fusion of hip-hop, jazz and latin with elements of reggae, soul, afrobeat, salsa and funk.

Primarily influenced by Jazz and contemporary music, their repertoire is original but finds its influence from the greats such as Thelonious Monk and Scott Storch,

On the other hand, Salsa has been a predominate presence in their composition through the influence of Colombian music since their first album « Son Asi ».

Aktando is currently releasing their second album entitled EARTH co-written entirely by Jérôme Gloppe and Branko Milojkovic. They are also planning a release party and south American tour as of 2019.

Jérôme Gloppe
Jérôme Gloppe
Jérôme Gloppe is a Pianist & composer who has been working and performing intensively in Jazz clubs and Salsa scenes for the past decade and a half. As a transcriber for such artists as Peter Martin and Warren Wolf, Jerome has developed a unique way of composing modern and original music all while staying true to his Jazz roots. A talented Jazz pianist, he is the forefront for Aktando and remains the main pillar for the bands history and future.
Branko Milojkovic started music early in life as a pianist, drummer and rapper before gradually moving on to be a beat maker, songwriter, composer, arranger and all around producer.. Having played numerous festivals and clubs, it is his musical presence, unique showmanship and improvisational skills that have made him stand out as a fan favourite to people from all walks of life.
Juan Felipe Cárdenas
Juan Felipe Cárdenas
Juan Felipe Cárdenas is a saxophonist, composer and arranger from Bogota who has been nominated for the Grammy Latin & Grammy Anglo for his work with the band Choquibtown. As a musical director, he recently founded « Salsangroove » and has nominated once more as a soloist at the « Voces en Jazz » Festival in Cartagena (Colombia).

He has participated in festivals all around the world and has played with such artists as Maite Hontele, Mojarra electrica, Diamante eléctrico, Juan Manuel Toro Quinteto and Charlie Anderson.


Jérôme Gloppe :Piano, compositions and arrangements
Branko Milojkovic :Vocals, compositions and production
Juan Felipe Cardenàs :Saxophone tenor and musical director
Pablo Watusi Martinez :Singing vocals
Juan Cortès :Guitar
Juan Carlos Arrechea Mina :Percussions
Fabien Ghirotto :Drums
Sacha Dumais :Bass
Recorded by :William Florez, Céline Frezza and Cyril Caillat.
Mixed by :Céline Frezza (JFX Studio)
Mastered by :Carlos Silva (C1 Mastering)
Designed and graphism :Sebastian Bravo


Jérôme Gloppe :Piano, keyboard, composition and arrangement
Juan Felipe Cardenàs :Saxophone Tenor
Branko Milojkovic :Hip Hop Vocals
Juan Camilo Anzola :Drums
Jose A. DelaOssa Cordoba :Guitar
Javier Pinto :Bass
Addition vocals by :M. Milojkovic, F. Paps, Cas. B. Fernandez Ortiz Ivan (IFO)
Recorded and Mixed by :Daniel Zarate (Mix Factory Studio)
Designed and graphism :Sergio Murcia




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